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Laser Capillary Removal

Broken capillaries looks horrible and it is a blemish that can be easily removed. Removing individual or a several facial capillaries has never been so easy. Literally takes few minutes to remove several capillaries using one of the most modern lasers. There is minimal pain and results can be seen immediately. Due to the simplicity of this procedure and affordable cost, Laser capillary removal is a popular procedure. 

This video demonstrates how simple it is to remove those unwanted facial capillaries...


What is Laser Capillary Removal?

Laser or RF (radiofrequency) is a surgical instrument and it is designed to cause precise skin ablation. When applied to facial capillaries, it can be used to precisely ablate the facial capillaries without causing undue collateral skin damage. For this reason, Laser/RF can be used effectively to treat the facial capillaries without causing complication.

What are the benefits of Laser/RF Skin cancer therapy are numerous.

» Non Surgical and takes minutes to complete.
» Patient walks in and walks out.
» Can resume normal daily activities immediately.
» Can shower immediately.
» High cosmetic satisfaction.

Does it work on all type of capillaries?

There is a very few facial capillaries that are unresponsive to Laser treatment. 

How many treatments are required?

Single capillaries may only need one treatment session but several capillaries may need 2-3 sessions.

What does it cost?

For very large and visible facial capillaries there is Medicare rebate. Average cost of Laser Capillary removal is $300 per session. 

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