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Laser Melasma Therapy

Melasma is pigmentation disorder of the skin. It is a complex skin disorder that is cosmetically and psychologically disfiguring. It is a condition that is difficult to treat. We have a developed a laser treatment program specifically to treat the Melasma. We call it "Laser Skin Whitening Program" with the intention of treating the melasma. It is effective !.

Does it really work?

Yes.. We have helped hundreds of patients in achieving the desired Clearer skin. Melasma is a condition that is more common in the darker skin types but it is nevertheless a problem for all skin types.

melasma laser treatment 37a
Before & After our Laser Melasma Treatment.

What is melasma?

  • Melasma (also known as Chloasma faciei (or the mask of pregnancy when present in pregnant women) is a tan or dark skin discoloration. Although it can affect anyone, melasma is particularly common in women, especially pregnant women and those who are taking oral or patch contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medications.

  • It is primarily a disorder involving the pigment producing cells called Melanocytes. As these cells produce excessive melanin pigment (skin pigments), it produces mottled and diffuse darkening of the skin and this we refer to as melasma.

Before & After our Laser Melasma Treatment.

What cause melasma?

There are several factors that can cause melasma.

  • causes that can not be changed - genetic predisposition, female hormones (female gender), natural hormonal changes with aging process, darker skin type (esp Asians)
  • causes that can be influenced - oral hormone tablets, UV exposure, underlying medical illness.
Because the most influential causes of melasma is actually the factors that can not be changed - female gender, genetic, racial skin types, melasma is deemed incurable.

Why is melasma difficult to treat?

  • Melasma is a Chronic condition and therefore it is difficult and complex to treat. Also most important factors that cause melasma are the factors that we can not control.
  • Melasma is incurable unless a spefici cause of the melasma can be found - such as pregnancy or hormone tablets.This means, for the melasma without a specific cause, we can clear it up using our Laser treatment but they will often return. This means Long term maintainance is needed even after finishing the necessary courses as they have high recurrence rate.
  • Long term maintainance treatment can produce a satisfying control of melasma but this means there is a constant ongoing cost. Although the frequency of the maintainance treatment reduces with time.

melasma laser treatment 24
Before & After our Laser Melasma Treatment.

How do you treat Melasma?

There are several ways in which you can control the melasma. Key principle is to control the pigmentation. There are 3 ways of doing this:

  • Remove the excess pigments that cause melasma. This is where the Laser is important.
  • Improve the skin health - improving moisture, essential growth factors and vitamins.
  • Reduce the amount of new pigments that are produced. This is where the Laser, the cosmeceuticals and avoidance of causative factors such as sun exposure are important.

melasma laser treatment 51
Before & After our Laser Melasma Treatment.

What is the role of Laser in Melasma?

  • Role of Laser in Melasma is crucial in producing an effective and satisfying result. 
  • There are over 100 different types of lasers available in Australia. Further complication this, all operator uses these lasers in a different way. For this reason, the quality of the result is entirely dependant on the type of Laser you are using and the operator's knowledge of the laser and the anatomy and the physiology of the skin. We have found a laser technique that works well in melasma.

melasma laser treatment 2a
Before & After our Laser Melasma Treatment.

What is the your Laser technique?

There are two important principles required to effectively remove the melasma.

  • Remove the melanin (pigment) - we use Q switched laser
  • Remove the abnormal blood vessels lying under the melasma - we using long pulsed laser.

Other important technical principles are:

  • we use longer wavelength laser because it is more gentle and safe for the skin, less irritating to the melanocytes and can reach deep into the skin to treat those difficult dermal melasma.
  • Use lower power (fluence) so that we can effectively remove abnormal blood vessels and pigments (melanin) without further stimulating the melanocytes (which can lead to paradoxical increase in skin pigmentation).

melasma laser treatment 16
Before & After our Laser Melasma Treatment.

How long does the Laser Melasma Treatment take?

Including the time taken for applying numbing cream, waiting for it to work, time for laser, skin cooling, and "healthy skin" treatment after the laser, the whole process takes around 60 minutes.

melasma laser treatment 52
Before & After our Laser Melasma Treatment.

Does it hurt?

Laser is a powerful light machine and it gets hot. We do routinely apply numbing cream before the laser and provide intense cooling so that the discomfort is minimised.

melasma laser treatment 5
Before & After our Laser Melasma Treatment.

What would i look like after the treatment?

Generally speaking there is redness that lasts several hours.
Make up can be applied immediately though.
Some patients come in during their lunch time break.
Usually after one day, there is no sign of you having done laser treatment.
There is a gradual lightening of the melasma! Progressively over the next few sessions.

 melasma laser treatment 50
Before & After our Laser Melasma Treatment.

When would i start seeing the result?

Generally speaking it takes 4 sessions for your to see the result. Final result not until full 8 sessions is up. 
There is individual variations, some patients would take longer to see the results. These cases are usually a much more severe melasma cases. 

melasma laser treatment 54
Before & After our Laser Melasma Treatment.

How many sessions do I need?

Laser melasma treatment typically require 8 sessions (once a week) to bring them under control. After 8 sessions, we do generally see a much clearing of melasma. And then we bring you back on a monthly basis for maintainance sessions. After many months, melasma does get better control and the requirement of maintainance sessions can be lengthened (eg every 2-3 months).

melasma laser treatment 10
Before & After our Laser Melasma Treatment.

What are the aftercare?

  • Shower: As normal
  • Cream: As instructed
  • Sun protection: As normal
  • Exercise and swimming: As normal
  • Pain: Rare
  • Food: No restrictions
  • Itchiness is normal: Do not scratch, as this will leave scar. Apply the anti inflammatory cream for few days and this will alleviate itchiness.
  • Make up: As normal

melasma laser treatment 15
Before & After our Laser Melasma Treatment.

What is the next step?

  • Give us a call 9411 4880 or fill in the enquirie form below.
  • You will need to come in for a consultation.
  • We will take photos and use skin analyser to assess your condition. Correct diagnosis is essential in producing a successful laser melasma treatment.
  • Dr Kim will explain to you the skin condition and the treatment procedure in detail.
  • Consultation fee is $100.

melasma laser treatment 19
Before & After our Laser Melasma Treatment.

Before & After our Laser Melasma Treatment.

Before & After our Laser Melasma Treatment.

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