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Laser Skin Cancer Therapy

Why Treat Skin Cancer using a Laser? 

Most popular way of treating a skin cancer is by surgery.

Surgery means:

  • time off work,
  • can be expensive,
  • leaves unsightly scars,
  • the thought of surgery is scary,
  • recovery can be painful,
  • there are associated inherent surgical complications

Is there are a simpler way of treating skin cancers?

The answer is Yes. It is called Laser Skin Cancer Therapy. Let us explain.

Why Would you treat a skin cancer using a laser treatment?

  • It is non-surgical
  • There is a minimal pain
  • You can resume daily life immediately, no loss of work time or family time
  • You don't have to worry about the potential surgical complications
  • It is more cosmetically satisfying than surgery
  • It is a simple procedure that literally takes few minutes.

Can it treat all skin cancers?

No. 'Laser Skin Cancer Therapy' can only treat the skin cancers that are not invasive.

Why Can't 'Laser Skin Cancer Therapy treat all skin cancers?

Invasive skin cancers can spread and are often fatal. So the best way to remove them is by surgical excision. Some examples of invasive cancers are:

  • melanomas,
  • some basal cell carcinomas (infiltrative, invasive, morphoeic, sclerosing type),  
  • some squamous cell carcinomas (invasive).
  • Other skin cancers can become more invasive but they are not "there yet".

How does a doctor know this?

Doctors can't be alway be sure. Remember, the doctors are only human. So Dr. Kim will increase his chances of correct diagnosis by doing a skin biopsy.

  • Skin Biopsy is a medical procedure where Dr Kim will take a small piece of skin to have it tested. 
  • A small piece of skin is taken and it is sent to pathology. Pathologist will look at it under a microscope and give a verdict as to whether there is cancer in the skin specimen or not.
    Pathologist will also tell Dr. Kim the type of skin cancer and its invasiveness.
    This result will be shown to you before Dr. Kim will recommend the "Laser Skin Cancer Therapy" to you. 

If it is invasive you will need to have a surgery to remove it. If it is not invasive, you do have a choice of removing it non-surgically using our "Laser Skin Cancer Therapy".

What is the procedure?

  • We firstly mark the visible skin cancer. 
  • We then inject the local anaaethesia into the marked area. This will completely numb the area. Laser without numbing is very painful !
  • The laser is used to "de-roof" the marked skin. This technique called "de-roofing technique" is essential as it clearly visualises and demarcates the skin cancer.
  • The visible skin Cancer is then removed, selectively, with the laser precision.

What happens after the laser?

The lasered skin will heal spontaneously. It looks like a cold sore. As such, it takes few days to heal and it will be red for few weeks (up to 3 months). But gradually the redness will fade and it will blend in with the skin.
In the worse case scenario, the lasered skin will be more "pale" and this condition is called hypopigmentation.

How do you know if the "laser skin cancer therapy" was successful?

You are expected to return in 3 months. Follow up visit is for:

  • check that the skin cancer is completely gone and that it is not coming back ("Recurrence")
  • check that the wound has healed well
  • listen to your feedback - you can tell us anything that you are unhappy about and we can try to resolve it.
  • You may wish for Dr Kim to give you a full skin cancer check.

What is your success rate?

we have done thousands of these procedures. Our Success rate is about 95%.

What happens if you were the unlucky 5% that the Laser did not work on the skin cancer?

You have two choices if the "Laser Skin Cancer Therapy" was unsuccessful. Dr Kim will not dismiss your case. He will find the best solution for you by either surgically excising skin cancers himself or by a way of referral.

  1. You can have it retreat it - if the indication is right,
  2. you can have it surgically removed. You have not lost anything by trying non-surgical way first if you do need to have it excised. 

Either way, Dr Kim will talk to you about this in detail, so that you are informed of your choice for your better health.

This video demonstrates this technique

/>Cosmetic Laser mole removal of the mole in the scalp.


laser mole removal 55
Laser mole removal of of the mole in the right brow

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